Become a Partner Church

A partner church is an extension of the normal partner relationship but is thoroughly biblical.  The apostle Paul had this type of relationship with the Philippian church and we can read about it in Philippians 4.

“My responsibility where my Partners are concerned is to pray for them. My responsibility is to support them…I’ve committed my life to seek God and receive revelation from God that I can preach and teach to my Partners.”

–Kenneth Copeland on Partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Some special aspects of being a Partner Church are discussed here.

Covenant partnership is a relationship, a bond between two people or parties much like that which takes place in business. Sharing a common goal, these parties join forces and resources to reach their objective. That’s what the partnership relationship is like between Kenneth Copeland Ministries and our Partners. We share a common goal: To reach this world with the uncompromised word of faith-each bringing resources and a supply of God’s anointing as we successfully proclaim that “Jesus is Lord” from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around.

Reaching this world is serious business. So is covenant partnership. It is a bond established by God to fulfil His purposes; a way of joining hands and joining forces to do more than we could ever do alone to bring the message of faith to the Body of Christ.

By standing together in faith and prayer, we can reach this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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