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September 06

Do Not Settle for 'Payment Faith'

Gloria Copeland
Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.

God has always wanted His people to live in abundance. Even in the book of Deuteronomy, He talked about His people living in a land where they would live in goodly houses and where there was no scarcity.

He has told us that all He has is ours. God put everything in His Word for you and me. And He has no shortage! He wants you to live in abundance. He wants you to live in a good house. He wants you to have the car that you need. He wants you to be so blessed that you don’t even have to think about those things. That way, you can just think about Him, instead of trying to make your car go another 50 miles.

He wants His family to be abundantly supplied, to be following Him, to be walking after His ways of doing and being right.

Now, I know it costs money to live. It costs money to go places and do things. It costs money to reach people for Jesus. And God’s got the money! He’s not broke.

But He’s had a problem…getting His people to believe what He says in His Word concerning their prosperity.

One thing that interferes with our believing and receiving is located right between our ears. It’s called reason. When Jesus asked Philip how they were going to feed the 5,000, he began to reason. He began to look and see what was possible. “Lord, if we had two hundred penny worth of bread, we couldn’t even begin to do it. There wouldn’t be enough to feed the people.”

But Jesus already knew what was to happen. He wasn’t looking at anything but Father God.

That’s the same God you and I are hooked up to today. That same God knows how to multiply and bless and prosper you and me now. God knows how to get things done.

What we have a tendency to do is release our faith for what we believe we can see—that, along with some help from God, might come to pass. For example, some people have “payment faith” and some people have “house faith.”

“Lord, I believe to make this payment. I believe to make my car payment. I believe to make my house payment.”

Why don’t they just believe for a house?

Get out beyond reason. Get out beyond what’s reasonable. Now, don’t quit making your car payment or your house payment, but get your faith out there. Let God multiply you and be your source. Pay it off supernaturally and get the next one without payments. Base your faith and praying on what the Word says, not on what you see is possible in this realm. According to the Bible, all things are possible with God and all things are possible to the believer. God and a believer make an unbeatable pair!

Don’t settle for payment faith when you can have “have it” faith!

Speak the Word

I seek the Lord and I do not lack any good thing. (Psalm 34:10, nkjv)

Heiligschriftstudium: Ephesians 3:20; Hebrews 6:12-15

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